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13 Noodle-Tastic Recipes You Haven't Tried Before (But Definitely Should!)

by Ann Ferguson

Noodles have been around a long time — like a really long time. We're talking over 4,000 years! So, naturally, noodles have become quite the staple across multiple cuisines over the eons. In fact, the very first dry pasta was created by the Arabs, so they could have noodles on the go back in 500 A.D. — which is insane!

And it's no wonder that noodles have continued to inspire chefs worldwide time and time again since they're easy to make, fast, versatile, and not to mention price-friendly. So, during this National Noodle Month, challenge your cooking skills with these noodle recipes from different cuisines! From Italian to Asian to American, you're bound to find a new favorite!

1. Kuy Teav

Kuy teav noodle dish

Are you ready to challenge your taste buds with something new? Why not try this kuy teav recipe, a Cambodian rice noodle soup typically served for breakfast? It's filled with layers of flavors for a meal that'll leave you happy-full! But make sure to prepare in advance; it takes almost four hours to make!

2. Sour Cream Noodle Bake

Sour cream and noodles might not seem like a great combination, but you'd be wrong! This sour cream noodle bake recipe is an old-fashioned recipe for the books, full of hearty layers. And it only takes 30 minutes to make — no hungry bellies are your watch!

Pro Tip: If you like more flavor kicks in your dishes, don't be afraid to experiment with the recipe!

3. Pizza Gnocchi

Pizza and pasta in one dish are precisely what makes this pizza gnocchi recipe utterly delicious! In just 40 minutes, you'll have a new family favorite dripping with cheese! The kids are sure to love this one.

4. Collard Greens Ramen

Ramen with collard greens

You might have had ramen before, but have you ever had this Southern-infused collard greens ramen? It takes Japanese ramen and mixes it with Southern home goodness to create a filling dish you can't wait to add to your favorites list. Only make sure you plan ahead; it takes 2 hours to make!

5. Spinach and Feta Noodle Kugel

If you prefer vegetarian noodle dishes, this spinach and feta noodle kugel will hit the spot! This recipe is an excellent way of revamping the traditional holiday spread with a delicious side everyone will want to taste! Trust us; everyone will be asking for the recipe!

6. Hong Kong-Style Bagged Noodles

You might think that bagged noodles are an odd choice, but in Hong Kong, this travel-sized dish is a staple street food! The sauce is simple to make, but what makes this recipe incredible is the topping possibilities are limitless — you can put anything in there! And if you don't like hot noodles, these chilled bagged noodles are just the thing!

7. Beef Noodle Skillet

Noodles are an excellent way to create hearty, fulfilling meals, and this beef noodle skillet recipe is no exception! So, if you and your family are a little tired of the same ol' noodle dishes, you can't go wrong with this dish. And it will only take 30 minutes to make — perfect for getting dinner done sooner and having more time to yourself!

8. Pancit

Pancit recipe

For this dish, we're taking you to the Philippines (at least just your taste buds) with this pancit recipe! While this recipe might be a labor of love, we promise the results will be well worth it — especially if you're a garlic lover! And the cool thing is that you can change the ingredients to your taste!

9. Korean Beef Noodles

Flavor-filled noodles don't get any better than these Korean beef noodles! This take on Korean japchae features sliced beef with vegetables and thin, translucent sweet potato noodles that have us drooling just thinking about it! And the best thing is that it takes about half an hour to make!

10. Squid and Shrimp Fideuà with Allioli

Seafood lovers, get ready to dig into this squid and shrimp fideuà with allioli recipe inspired by Northeastern Spain! In this dish, you have thin noodles as your base with slowly sauteed squid and shrimp on top! But make sure you don't over-fry the seafood!

11. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Spaghetti aglio e olio

Sometimes classic Italian noodles hit the spot, and the same goes for this spaghetti alio e olio recipe! The trick to getting the full flavor is slowly toasting the garlic slices to a nice brown. Otherwise, you risk not fulfilling this dish's potential. But if you want a non-traditional bit of zest, add a teaspoon of butter with the cheese — the results will be amazing!

12. Vegetable Pad Thai with Peas, Carrots, and Mushrooms

Who's in the mood for some Thai food? With this vegetable pad thai, you'll satisfy your veggie and Thai cravings and then some! Even if you're not in the mood for peas and carrots, that's okay — just use sugar snaps and julienned bell peppers!

13. Soy Sauce Chow Shrimp Egg Noodles

Soy sauce shrimp egg noodles

Using traditional soy sauce chow mein as the base, this shrimp egg noodle recipe takes several delicious steps further by adding protein to the stir fry! And the best thing is you can customize the dish if you're not feeling like seafood or want different leafy greens — the choice is up to you!

Did you have the noodle dream?

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