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How to Tackle Stubborn Super Bowl Stains

by Dale Dauterive

In case you spill on your lucky jersey, keep these handy tips in mind!

Buffalo Sauce

Start flapping your wings in excitement because we’re serving up some saucy chicken for our Super Bowl feast! As delicious as the spicy crunch of chicken wings can be, that buffalo sauce can be a real burden if it gets on your clothes. 

To get rid of buffalo sauce stains, mix a small amount of dish soap with cool water and dab the solution onto the stain using a kitchen cloth or towel. Luckily, you won’t need to miss a second of the game--simply blot the stain until it lessens, then sponge with cold water and let dry. 

Now if you spill your ranch cup, you’re in big trouble. 


Spilling any beer is the last thing you want during the big game, but if you get too excited after a touchdown and spill some brew on your jersey, there is a solution.  

No, don’t try to wring out your jersey for the remaining few drops, just grab a few ice cubes from the freezer, wrap them in a paper towel, and press your homemade ice pack onto the stain. The moisture from the ice quickly absorbs into the fabric to prevent harsh stains. Once you’re ready for laundry, apply a splash of stain remover to the area and wash like normal. 

And to reward yourself for removing a stubborn stain, might as well grab another beer!


Barbecue Sauce

There might not be a messier Super Bowl snack than a full rack of BBQ ribs. While they might be finger-lickin’ good, they’re also a stain in the making. 

If you get a drop of sauce on your clothes, make sure you treat the stain while it’s fresh to prevent it from soaking in. Place a layer of paper towels over the sauce to pick up the excess. Pretreat the stain with cold water and right before the second half, add some liquid laundry detergent to help break up the stain. 

Let it sit, and get back to enjoying the game (or commercials) and after several minutes, rinse your garment well and sponge it with a little bit of white vinegar if it’s a deep stain. Pretreat a second time and wash completely. 

If none of that works, you might not want to eat ribs for a while.


Queso Sauce

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho cheese! Get it? Well, if you spill a big glob of queso on your lap during the game, that is definitely your cheese. 

Don’t worry about leaving your seat and missing any of the hard-hitting action—just wipe up the cheese sauce with a napkin (or scoop up the spill with a tortilla chip). Once the game is over and your feast is complete, soak the stain in water and detergent for at least 30 minutes and wash as usual. 

It might still be your cheese, but it’s nacho stain anymore!


Spinach/Artichoke Dip

A nice spinach dip in a bread bowl sure looks and feels classy, but the spills associated with it are anything but. 

If any dip ends up on the carpet, be careful not to slip in your own endzone. Scrape off the excess hunks of spinach, sprinkle a dash of baking soda onto the stain and allow it to sit through the duration of the game. 

Once you’ve had time to go back for plenty of other snacks, run the vacuum for a few passes to pick up anything left over and keep some stain remover close by just in case someone else decides to fumble their plate onto the floor. 

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